5 Activities Idea to Spend the Time During Weekend

What kind of activity do you usually do on weekends? Working five days a week might make you feel really tired. That’s why a lot of people love to spend their weekends sleeping more than usual. They do not need the obligation to wake up early and catch up on the train.

For you who are already married, the weekend means family time. Your children have even already prepared a bunch of plans to spend with you. The weekend will be perfect to make your bond with them tighter.

But, if you want to do something else, you can go on holiday. Free yourself from work. Experts always say that a holiday is important for our mental health. It can make your body and mind become more relaxed. Refreshing can also provide new ideas and increase one’s creativity. By traveling to new places and meeting new people you may get a lot of new inspiration as well.

Here is some activity you can do together at weekend:

  • Cooking A Meals

Cooking together with your family members has many benefits. Children are able to learn to make various cakes they like such as donuts, cookies, popcorn, or ice cream. While doing the dough you can have a chit-chat with them. Ask about their school, their favorite snacks, their most lovable teacher and so on.

After that, you can sit back and relax with them while enjoying the cake. Don’t forget to prepare a cup of ice tea or chocolate to make this moment perfect.

  • Staycation

Check it out, maybe there are many new hotels being built around you right now. If so, you can suggest to your family members to have a staycation moment with them.

Many people do a staycation, a period in which an individual or family stays at a hotel  and participates in leisure activities within a day-trip distance of their home. A lot of hotels provide swimming pools and recreation areas. So you and your children can swim at noon or morning.

You can also stay relaxed while watching TV. You do not need to prepare breakfast. Staycation is indeed fun.

  • Cycling Together

Cycling together is one of the most fun physical activities to do. There are many benefits that can be achieved by cycling. It will make you healthier, less stressed, and tighter your bond with family.

You can also teach your kids how to cycle on the street. After that, you can find a food stall and have breakfast or snack together and rest.

  • Me Time

Don’t worry, you are allowed to spend your time alone. Everybody calls it time. Me time is one way to love yourself. During me-time, you make yourself a priority.

You need to give me time at least once in a while. Especially after being tired of working or studying for a week. In essence, me time must be used to take care of yourself. Some ideas for activities during me time I would recommend are skin caring, meditation, yoga or doing hobbies such as reading books. Try to unplug yourself from the online world and focus on yourself. Not only can you restore energy, me time can also make you calmer and more confident.

  • Traveling Abroad

You don’t have to travel to a distant country like Europe or America. Singapore or Malaysia, which are our neighboring countries, can be the right choice. They also have so many interesting travel destinations that are worth visiting.

You can easily find flights and hotels there. You also do not need to apply for a visa, as a member of an Asian country, we are allowed to go there without Visa.


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