‘He doesn’t know if we will be together still’

A woman isn’t sure what to do after her boyfriend said they may not be together in three months.

She took to Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum for advice. When she wanted to plan for a vacation in three months, her boyfriend started acting weird. Then he told her he doesn’t know if they’ll still be a couple by then.

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“Boyfriend said he doesn’t want to book a holiday because he doesn’t know if we will be together still,” she explained. “My boyfriend and me both wanted to go on holiday for three years now. But it got canceled due to the pandemic.”

“Now, we both suggested going this year in June, but for the past two weeks, when I asked him about it (I was excited), it seemed like he didn’t want to talk about it. Today, he gave me an excuse of not having money. To which I said, OK, I can pay, and you can always give it back to me as we have three months, but I want to book it so it doesn’t sell out.”

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She continued to press him on the issue, and his response left her stunned.

“He was shouting, saying it won’t sell out, but obviously it will,” she wrote. “Finally, he told me that he’s not booking anything, as I don’t assure him that we will be together so [that] he doesn’t want to waste his money…

“I do not do anything to make him think this. [It’s] more like he has been acting weird for the past two weeks. It makes me think that maybe he has other plans. I have been waiting for this moment for three years now, and now he says this? What should I do?”

Redditors thought their relationship was headed for doom.

“He is most likely already halfway out the door. Might be cheating. Either way, he is done. I’m sorry,” one person said.

“He wants to break up — he just doesn’t have the guts. Do not waste money on a vacation with this guy,” another wrote.

“If after three years together he doesn’t know if you’ll still be together a few months from now, you need to break it off,” someone commented.

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