Shawnna Skiles Promoted To Director Of East Ridge Parks And Recreation

Officials with the city of East Ridge announced the promotion of Shawnna Skiles to the position of director of Parks and Recreation for the city.  She has been employed with East Ridge for 15 years, serving as the assistant director for the Parks and Recreation Department for the last eight months. 

Prior to working for the city of East Ridge, Ms. Skiles was a volunteer with the East Ridge Youth Association.  Her volunteer skills qualified her for the position of supervisor for the East Ridge Community Center where she was responsible for revamping programs for Senior Adults, rental schedules, and inside activities such as cheerleading and basketball.  Ms. Skiles was soon promoted to Athletics and Community Center supervisor, adding the responsibilities of managing the baseball, softball, soccer, and flag football programs at Camp Jordan while maintaining her responsibilities at the East Ridge Community Center. 

Ms. Skiles was promoted to assistant director of the Parks and Recreation Department in September 2021 before being named as interim director beginning in January 2022.  Her abilities did not go unnoticed and earlier this month, Ms. Skiles was promoted to the director’s position for the Parks and Recreation Department of East Ridge. 

When asked about her new position, Ms. Skiles said, “I am excited for the opportunity to carry on the good work that is being done while growing all the programs the city has to offer.  I also look forward to continuing my work with one of the best Parks and Recreation crews around.  All the guys and gals in the department are great!”

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