Traveling to Mount Bromo from Malang

When you decide to travel to Mount Bromo, one thing you must determine is which path you want to take. But if you decide to use Bromo tour package services, then you can discuss which way is the best. Because there are many choices of routes to get there. one of them through the city of Malang

The interesting route from Malang is the Malang-Tumpang-Gubugklakah-Ngadas-Jemplang-Mount Bromo route which is 53 kilometers away. The ramp is quite steep. However, the trip was not easy to pay for the natural and beautiful views.

Gubugklakah is a small village which is an apple-producing area. Entering this area, the views of the apple orchards usher our way to Ngadas which is increasingly winding, uphill, and entering the forest. The cool atmosphere and green expanse of the mountains replace the views of apple plantations. The closer the Ngadas Village, the gardens with hilly surfaces again.

Some travelers accidentally stopped at the Coban Pelangi waterfall that is no less beautiful after passing Ngadas. From here then met the T-junction T-junction, which was the deciding direction. Head straight towards Ranu Pani – the starting point of climbing Mount Semeru – and go left towards Bromo. From Ngadas to Pananjakan it takes about an hour.

The route from Ngadas invites explorers to go through the savanna desert route first and then to the Bromis crater and sand. But if it’s from Cemoro Lawang, the route is the opposite.