Vacation Weather Insurance – A Blessing for the Resort Industry

“I spent months planning my vacation from A to Z! How was I to know it would end in disaster because of the week-long storm that kept me cooped up when I should have been basking in the sun and swimming in the pool?!” said many an angry resort patron.

For hotels, motels, resort spots and other holiday retreat places, there’s a whole slew of liability exposure. From bodily injury due to the facility’s poor lighting or maintenance to property damages due to wear and tear or mold to medical payments to hired and non-owned auto accidents involving staff members, the possible peril list is a long one indeed.

As unpredictable as the weather can be over a long haul, the climatic conditions do play a rather large role in guest occupancy. Is there really such a thing as vacation weather insurance?

You bet there is! It’s insurance that will pay you if the weather is not suitable for your interests.

This type of insurance coverage helps the owner of the holiday facilities such as:

1. Resorts

2. Hotels

3. Motels

4. Inns

5. Convention or reunion centers

When weather threatens a hospitality business such as those mentioned above, policyholders are presented with the wherewithal to recompense paying guests. In addition to this, the insurance gives the resort owner an advertising tool to attract customers. With the promise that their entire payment will be given back to them, should the weather turn nasty and foil holiday fun, vacationers are drawn to the lodging spot. Resort or hotel owners often publicize refunds in relation to cash money or credit or refund to be used toward vacation hospitality services.

What does the insurance industry consider related bad weather that warrants insurance coverage? Coverage is provided for conditions that impede the intent of outdoor vacation activity, specifically:

• An over-abundance of rainfall

• Heavy fog

• The lack of sunshine

• Lack of enough snow for resorts where skiing is the featured activity

But not all bad weather insurance premiums are the same. Necessary coverage and insurance cost is dependent on researched historical climate info ass it pertains to the particular weather incident. Resorts, hotels, motels, inns, convention centers and the like can purchase weather related insurance for varied dates throughout the year: over a 24-hour duration, weekend, long weekend, a full week or a complete season.

Of particular note is that the typical travel insurance tour packages can include the weather vacation insurance if requested.