Why should you visit Amsterdam this year?

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Now that the limitations are over and you can travel all over the world again, it’s time to resume those trips that you had left pending. If you haven’t considered it yet, you have to visit Amsterdam this year. There you will find museums such as the Moco Museum, the Rembrandt Museum, and the Van Gogh Museum, the artist who is known worldwide for what he did to his own ear. Being a city rich in culture and art, you will come across different ways to create unique elements. For example, after enjoying the modern art Amsterdam, you can stop by one of the local distilleries and enjoy the unique flavors of this city. Here, the art is present in the way they make each of the spirituous beverages, whose flavors you can only get in this city.

On foot, by bicycle, or by boat

In many cities of the world, you depend on public transportation or the use of cars to move from one place to another. In Amsterdam, you can get around using more fun methods. For one thing, you can get from one place to another using only your feet. The city is designed in such a way that you can visit various attractions just by walking. This allows you to create different daily tours in different parts of the city. Want to get from one place to another faster? You will find bike rental stations all over the city. In fact, Amsterdam is known for having more bikes than people. Finally, you can travel along any of the 165 canals and reach faraway places using a ferry as transportation.

Amsterdam at the reach of a card

Imagine having access to the whole city with just one card. Museums, public transportation, ferry rides, bike rentals, and more. This is the “IAmsterdam” card that allows anyone to have access to a wide variety of options within a certain amount of hours. These hours range from 24 hours to 120 hours. You can visit the website of this card to know all its advantages. Please note that the card does not guarantee access. Some places require you to schedule your visit so, even if you have the card, you will not be able to enter if you do not have a reservation. You can visit the attractions to which this card gives you access for a few days and then visit the other attractions. It is a good way to save money. Don’t forget to visit the Heineken brewery.

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